Tweets today on2009-02-20

  • My wife tells me I’ve got a face for radio, the screen never lies! #
  • First Flip videos videoed (is there such a word) really cute toy. #
  • Excited – my Flip video has arrived. About to waste a day on video making self-training. Fun Friday’s are back #
  • Awaiting arrival of my new Flip Video – should be here tomorrow. Movie makers of the world beware #
  • Mapping Welsh societies around the world – any contributions to, thanks. #
  • Where are all the Welsh people around the world, I’m building a community at and need contacts – come on folks,,,plleeeez #
  • 2 things can cleat the head – a good walk on the beech or 20 mins meditation. I’ve just had the second!
    Feeling great now #
  • Taking the dog for a walk – time for a good old THINK as well! #
  • Grey day, grey hair, great smile – the best way to fight back #
  • WANTED -aspiring or professional Welsh journalists to write about Wales and Welsh things for new website uniting the Welsh around the world #
  • sushi for lunch on the west coast #

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