Tweets for today: 2009-03-04

  • database fix still work in progess. #
  • Someone told me today that they were too busy for online business networking. Presumably too busy travelling to networking events. #
  • Sir Fred Goodwin should be stripped of his Knighthood, he got it for services to banking and should lose it for services to nationalisation #
  • Is it just an impression or is the average age of a Twitter older than the age of a Fave booker, let along a MySpacer? #
  • Special relationship – eh? 1 has 8 years to run, one less than 18 months. Not too much commitment from BO to GB, but maybe to the real GB! #
  • A faterh should give his sons 2 things: “A Nest and Wings”. I’ve tried to do both and they keep flying back! #
  • Still working on fix for Junction 31 database, a seriously frustrating day #
  • ? Joomla: is there a really good newsletter extension that will automatically add all articles/posts published in a period? Any ideas thx #
  • having a bad day with Databases: is suffering a severe diversion and will be off the air for a few hours more. Sorry folks #

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