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The Election Alphabet Word-Game

With 2 contenders already declared and one more expected it looks like we could be entering a period of intense media about the leadership election in Wales. So why not have a little fun at the same time with the election alphabet word-game?
Here are the rules:

  • Three word phrases required, but in consecutive alphabetical order
  • Phrases must use the first letter of a candidate’s name, first or surname as one of the letters somewhere in the run of 3 letters
  • Useful little words (like: a, an. the, on, in etc) are acceptable and don’t count to the 3 word limit.

If you’re driven by Prizes – there aren’t any.

Some starters:

  • Anyone but Carwyn – that’s that one out of the way!
  • Definitely Edwina’s favourite
  • Grabbing Huw’s ideas

If this takes off we could then go to the Election Alliteration Game.

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