The Blog is Back

openFor the last 8 or 9 months, I’ve been trying to rescue my Blog. The web hosting company that was supposed to be caring for it started to lose interest some time ago and as a result, it’s been off the air for far too long but as of today, it’s back online – albeit at this new ¬†and more Wales focused address.

It’s been really frustrating not being able to post in recent months, especially as there have been some pretty important things happening this year on subjects dear to my heart:

  • I landed a brilliant new job in January at the Farmers’ Union of Wales
  • We had an election here in Wales in May
  • There was a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union
  • The fallout from the Referendum and its political upheaval
  • Conflict continues in many parts of the world and terror has spread in Europe

Having now got things back on track I plan to pick up my pen (keyboard!) and get commenting once again, whilst also patching up some of the broken bits of the site.


PS: If you want to host a website somewhere – I would not recommend Extendnet!