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Stupid planning or Planning Stupidity

It’s been over a month since I wrote something here and I’ve only missed the trivial events of an election, a coalition and a World Cup to comment about, oh and a defence review, a change of commander in Afghanistan and Wales in NZ. But I’ve only been idle here whilst being busy elsewhere.

1999 Ryder Cup
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However tonight I can’t pass the moment without commenting on the blatant stupidity of those involved in the planning process in Newport.

Poor Terry Mathews, who has built global businesses with names like Newbridge, and Newport in them and has of course invested around £40 million of his own money in securing the bid for the Ryder Cup in Wales at the palatial hotel and leisure complex he has built in Newport,  has been apparently defeated by planning idiots in Newport who want to protect a derelict building next to the home of the World’s greatest golf tournament later this year.

If you’ve not seen the news report on the BBC then take a look here.

Newport stupidity at its absolute finest.

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