Sometimes we just need to do the Right Thing

How can anyone be anything other than appalled at the decision to close Remploy factories as announced last week? (click logo for announcement)

The decision is morally wrong, unsupportable from an holistic economic perspective and makes no social sense what so ever. Furthermore it is morally and socially reprehensible.

Forget the economic arguments, forget who has made the decisions and what their motivations might be, it is now time for the Welsh Government to intervene to ensure the continued employment of the staff employed by Remploy in Wales. If this requires a form of state ownership then let it be so.

A failure to do so will not just place some people out of work, it will kill their hopes of work, destroy their individual and collective pride and equally importantly will demonstrate how inadequate we are at doing the right thing to ensure that those in need are helped in their hour of need.

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