#senedd2011 – why don’t they do the Maths?

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I don’t get it.

The Beeb and others are talking about Labour failing to gain that “elusive majority”, the  Holy Grail of 31 seats to form a majority Government.

But in an Assembly of 60 seats, where one member becomes the Llywydd (speaker), you need just a whisker over half of 59 to have a majority, provided your party is not providing the Speaker. That is a little over 29.5, or 30 in real terms.

Labour are unlikley to displace Dafydd Ellis Thomas as Speaker, so by mathematical extraction they have a de facto majority. 30 seats for Labour, One Speaker and 29 in opposition (lead by the Tories).

So stop buggering about Labour: get on with it and form a Government and let’s see what you are made of. Dodgy deals with “losers” are not want we want in any Government.

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