Policies make prizes …. don’t they?

In all the excitement of the Euro election results there’ll be much internal party navel gazing to understand why the electorate got it so wrong by not voting for the right party.

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And of course they’ll wonder why people didn’t vote for them because they had great policies.

Policies like:

  • “Send Gordon Brown a message” …. nice clear, forward looking policy that one!
  • “We do not support the tagging of sheep or cattle” … Always a vote winner saying you won’t do something but not explaining why. After thought – what about horses? Is it because most of us don’t eat them?

And they’re the only policies I can remember even after reading all the flyers that were stuffed through my door last week and lots of papers and news programmes.

For people that want to lead, improve, change and deliver a brighter future, it always amazes how awful so many politicians are at developing clear messages to inspire confidence and support.

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