May the Sun go down on their Empire


I was pretty amazed this morning when I saw a headline in the Sun newspaper, They were trying to create a link between the cost of educating forces children at boarding schools  and the cost of supporting wounded soldiers from recent wars.

The allegations were about “top officers” families and “posh schools”, whilst of course only suggesting that private soldiers, not officers are the ones injured in battle.

This is a remarkably poor piece of journalism trying to link to totally unrelated stories and using the element of emotional blackmail to create that link which is ill researched.

It is unavoidable that it is the children of more experienced soldiers and officers who attend boarding schools. Younger soldiers tend not to have children of boarding school age.

Given the way the News of the world is currently attracting the ire of the nation, I hope that a little can be spared for the Sun as well.


PS: I don’t read the Sun, but saw the article in the recently launched Huffington Post, which appears to have the makings of a very good website.

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