Is this the Non Event of 2011

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It came as a bit of a shock tonight when I heard on the evening news that tomorrow is the last day for campaigning in this year’s election for the Welsh Assembly.

I’m not one of those who don’t know it’s happening, in fact I’ve already posted my vote, but there has been an surprising lack of a campaign anywhere and certainly nothing has captured my imagination. Not even a week in a 2 way marginal in west Wales offered any excitement.

There’s been no talk in the pubs, no discussion with friends and certainly no policies that whet the appetite in any form. And all that just after the Welsh Assembly Government has gained more powers.

I really had hoped that as the new members will have all the tools to do the job there would be robust offers of new ideas to create a great new era for Wales. How many others feel disappointed in this way I wonder? Maybe the turnout will demonstrate how inspired we feel by our political classes.


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