**** is not a Four Letter Word

What is this fuss about four letter words? Yesteday David Cameron made a light hearted comment about the social networking site Twitter (have a peep here if you’ve not already seen it: David Cameon on Absolute Radio)when he admitted that he wasn’t “on Twitter” because “too many Tweets make a Twat”.

It’s a fair comment and I guarantee that it wasn’t original and will have been said by thousands of people beforehand. Yet he was then acused of using four letter swear words  and pushed/encouraged/forced to apologise for that . What a load of politically correct nonsense.

Twitter is a social phenomenon in some people’s eyes and it is a useful tool for engaging and developing communications. Some elected members have taken to Twittering in debates, when surely they should be concentrating on what is unfolding before them. If we need live Twitterers then let’s employ them so that the elected ones can focus correctly.

As for Cameron – I hope he remembers that there are lots of other four letter words out there that really should be used more widely by politicians. Best  example: Cuts!

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