I’m angry: REALLY angry

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I’ve looked forwardfor a very long time┬áto the day that we’d see Gordon Brown resign.
It’s not for the way he’s treated the economy, nor for the way that he’s allowed the public sector to run out of control. No: it’s for his mistreatment of our Armed Forces and their consistent underfunding and overstretch and the way that he has lied and claimed the moral high ground so often when he should not have been anywhere near it.
But when I heard today that he would be standing down as leader of the Labour Party I was left angered. This is not a career decision. It is all about finding a suitable leader to close a deal with a left leaning LibDem party. The duplicity of this is astonishing and my blood pressure is off the scale.
Clegg, the winner of X-Factor 1, clearly has no time for Brown, and has stated that he would find it difficult to do any deal with a party that had lost in the way that the Labour party lost this last election. And yet he now has the audacity to undertake parallel talks over the future of this country.
This is irresponsible self-interest politics at its very worst.
If they create a LibLabDem pact then I truly hope that Mervyn King will be found to have been a true soothsayer when he suggestedthat the next Governement could find themselves out of power for the next 30 years.
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