If we had a Mayor maybe he’d explain

Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York has been very busy in the last few days. He’s also been very visible explaining and defending what his administration has been doing to deal with the unusual snow falls of recent days. That’s what real Mayors do: they talk to the people they work for, they explain and they deliver.
Here in Cardiff we don’t get any of that and nor do we get much in the way of service to address the unusual, yet accurately forecast, snowfalls of 10 days ago. Roads have been left uncleared, pavements untouched and parks left locked (due to Elf n Safety no doubt) and the populous that pays for the administration have been told nothing. Not once have I seen a snow plough, not once have I heard anything from an elected representative explaining the reasons for a change of tactic in dealing with snow. But many times have I heard about the tons of grit and salt available for the major roads, or rather how stocks were failing and we needed to borrow some from England.
It has amazed me that so little was done to clear the cities and towns, so little was done to keep ordinary folk moving, so little was done to prepare city centres for the days of spending before and after Christmas. And so little was done to explain this lack of action.
A real Mayor in Cardiff would have been out there with his little pick and shovel helping and communicating and leading us through this debacle. He might even have driven a snowplough.

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