I feel encouraged tonight, thank goodness!

After having the worst attack of raging blood pressure a few nights ago, I’m pleased to say that I’m now far more calm. Not only was it great to see the theatre of the handover of leader yesterday evening, but the announcements today have added to the overall delight of this era.

I’ve made no pretence of my dislike of Gordon Brown as Prime Minister, but I must admit to having a lump in my throat during his farewell speech. He may not have impressed me, and without doubt he did not care for our Armed Forces in the way that I would have welcomed, but like many I do respect him for having the views he had. It just proves you don’t have to like someone to respect them.

The New Politics, a Liberal Conservative coalition, is going to have a great impact. I’m convinced that Cameron has played an absolute blinder in cutting this deal and I sincerely hope he can hold his party together on it. As for Nick Clegg: I also hope he can hold it together. But there will be challenges for all.

The structure of the Cabinet looks truly strong, with wisdom, experience and people willing to take decisions. Many will comment on the shortage of Women, but dear Anne Widdecombe was on the money when she said that being a woman made it easier to get into Cabinet as there was less good female competition. She advocated appointments on ability rather than gender and I think she was right to say that.

One decision to ponder though is Wales and Cheryl Gillan, but comment on that can wait for a day or two: there’s plenty of noise already.

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