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How to get £9,000 a year extra in your pocket

It may be hard to believe after the recent cries of disappointment about MP Allowances, but it appears (if the Telegraph is right) that MP’s can now claim £25 a night, without receipts for any night they spend away from home?

This allowance, which is almost double the previous £4,800 a year limit for unreceipted claims, is paid on top of expenses for mortgage interest, rent, council tax and utility bills.

A couple of questions come to mind:

1. WHY? What on earth is this for?

2. Don’t these idiots ever learn? After the response to expenses scandal there was an outpouring of promises to clean it all up and to be “transparent”. And that’s exactly what has not happened.

Incompetent, stupid, greedy,arrogant, aloof,  deaf – I dunno – you choose!

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