How much more depressing can Sundays get?

The Sunday morning routine is an important part of my week: up reasonably early, coffee, Sunday Times, family still in bed and time to read in peace. Bliss. But last year I started to find that my reading only made me angry or disappointed in what was happening in our country and world.

But today I really wonder: can it get even more depressing? The Sunday Times report of the YouGov Poll that suggests that Gordon Brown may win the next election just has to be the most depressing piece of news I’ve read for a long, long time.

How can we be moving to a position whereby we re-elect a Government that has so clearly failed to deliver on so many policies, has failed to truly support our military from the outset of operations, has wasted billion on pounds on ridiculous initiatives as well as on banks and has lost of the confidence of just about everyone I talk to.

I’ve not spoken to anyone in recent months who is prepared to believe any of the statements that emanate from the mouth of Brown. So what is it that is causing the poll to suggest that he might stay in Downing Street? Are we blind, stupid or is there fear of the alternative?

Surely “the devil you know” argument is not a basis for political decision making.

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