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My Experiences

I’m not keen on looking back, but I do realise that I am the product of my past. So here’s a synopsis of events and experiences that have shaped me:


I was educated at Highgate School, London, where my claims to fame included 2 A levels, Politics and Economics, being the last Regimental Sergeant Major of the Middlessex Regiment and being captain of the 3 XI cricket team. I also introduced the school to rugby, prior to me being there its winter sport had been soccer, certainly not a game for gentlemen. Real education began at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Did not attend University which I now regret slightly.


Joined the Army in 1975 and was commissioned into the Royal Regiment of Artillery. During a career that lasted 18 years, I had the joy of numerous wild, fun and downright mad experiences. The greatest joy of a career as an army officer is the level of responsibility you get at an early age.

My first appointment was a commander of an artillery piece that represented 8% of Britain’s tactical nuclear arsenal, and I was only 20!

More to follow