Hip hip hooray!

The patient’s right hip joint replaced by a me...
The patient’s right hip joint replaced by a metal head and a plastic cup. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s great news: there is very little evidence of Chromium or Cobalt in my blood, which means that my first hip replacement is behaving well, unlike 49,000 others in the UK.

And to add to the euphoria on that news, the University of Bristol has published a report that the incidence of Cancer is not increased by these DuPuy Orthopaedic hips. Here’s a reassuring quote:

She hopes she was able to reassure patients that their cancer risk is “relatively low” or that the metal shavings aren’t increasing that risk.

So one less thing to worry about.

Of course if the dodgy hip had been a breast implant with no chance of causing anything other than irritation, it would have been replaced immediately.

I still don’t get the logic of the difference responses.


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