Hand in hand with Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg makes the Liberal Democrats' Leader...
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You can try as hard as you like to find a comment on this blog about Nick Clegg, but I don’t think you will – until today. The change of heart is because he’s said something I really believe in.

In his New Year Message he says:

If we as Leaders want people to turn out to vote at all at the next General Election, we have got to show people our convictions, not just dividing lines, our beliefs, not just soundbites.

This is so true, it is pretty difficult to really understand what the leaderships individually stand for, indeed it’s sometimes hard to see any difference between parties. And for as long as political policy is based on knocking down the opposition then we will never rise to a higher plane.

So here’s my message to the leaders: stop spouting at every opportunity when you see a camera or microphone, instead develop a conviction that you can articulate and convince us is right. I and many others want to be encouraged, enlightened and even lead by someone with a sense of vision and the ability to deliver it.

Then some of us might vote FOR you as opposed to not vote at all.

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