Focus on next week

There are 2 very important announcements coming next week, within 24 hours of one another. On Wednesday we will hear the Chancellor’s plans for the economy and the day before the touring squad of British and Irish Lions will be announced for their tour of South Africa. I know which one I’m looking forward to most.

When the Chancellor gets to his feet he’s on a bit of a hiding before he starts chanas the Government appears to have lost the confidence of the people, certainly business people and there will be an expectation of spin, and a veneer that things will get better. Also, we really don’t know what he is trying to do. Whilst the Government needs to “fix” the economy, they also need, or is that want, to get themselves re-elected at the looming election. Consequently they have potentially diverging objectives, some of which are not clearly communicable and they can’t get people to rally around them

On the other hand, when Ian McGeechan announces his squad for what is expected be a huge challenge in South Africa he will be listened to avidly and attentively. His selection will be analysed and dissected and yet, almost certainly will be unanimously supported. And the reason for such support is blions1clear: people will believe him, He has a record of success, he knows how to build a team and he has the clear goal of beating the ‘Boks. His team know that the challenge is huge both mentally and physically but they will also know that their goal is to win their 3 test matches. That is all that matters and every ounce of blood sweat and tears will go to fulfilling that objective.

When we look back in a few months or years and review the announcements made and their relative success I have no doubt that even if the Lions lose they will have given their all. They will have focused on the goal, yet may have been beaten by a better team. Sadly, due to unclear focus I suspect our economy will still be struggling.

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