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Do they really WORK for you?

Have you ever wondered who represents you in our elected institutions and what they actually get up to? Or like many others, have you questioned the value for money that we get from our elected representatives? Many have and that is the motivation behind the interesting website TheyWorkForYou.

But sadly that site does not give any information on what happens in Cardiff Bay as they don’t follow the activities of the National Assembly for Wales. So I thought I’d take a look at what’s been going on there, after all we’ve had an election recently and this is now a law making assembly with greater powers than before. So I’d expect to see some action. Sadly that does not appear to be the case.

The last Assembly was dissolved on 30 March, giving us a 6 week lead into the election on 5 May.

It’s now the 4th of June and the Plenary has met once, no committees appear to have been formed and the Assembly has spent this last week in recess. (Some would say that’s a bit like Sarah Ferguson taking a holiday: from what?).

I know there were the distractions of who would work with who to form or not form coalitions and then there were other diversions of the seemingly illegally elected members. But progress has been slow.

Looking to the coming weeks, the Assembly’s website tells us the planned schedule as shown in the picture.

So after a week off there’s only one serious planned event in the coming week with a forecast plenary for the following week.

I’ve no doubt that there is more happening, but I really wish that the Assembly tried a little harder to convince me of that. My perception at the moment is that the value for money is far to low and we should expect far better efforts. Maybe someone could convince TheyWorkForYou to monitor the National Assembly for Wales as well as other institutions.

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