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Brilliant Synchronisation in the Cloud

syncI’ve been using Evernote as my note taking app for some time now and to be honest it’s been pretty excellent, it’s sharing is great and it’s integration with Google Chrome is first class.

But recently I’ve become seduced more and more by Microsoft products, their smartphone and tablet apps really have shifted the game with OneDrive. So when I decided to explore the use of  OneNote a little more there was the challenge of moving my life history of notes from Evernote to OneNote. How do you that?

Google didn’t have many answers, and those that were there weren’t particularly useful, but then I found CloudHQ. Continue reading

Is my poor Broadband the product of Poor Architecture?

I’m not a keen user of Facebook, but I do read it to keep up with the news from some of my friends. Tonight, in Aberaeron, I had difficulty connecting to the site and when I did a trace of the route being taken got the results in the picture.tracert

I don’t know what’s wrong, but it looks to me as though there is something awry so i want to investigate more and see what´s up using And on top of that I noticed when I checked the weather forecast online, the IP related information places me in a place called Fradley which presumably is where my slow lane bit of the internet connects to the rest of the world.

Is it possible that the poor speeds in west Wales are not due to the proximity of superfast fibre but are more the result of poor network architectures?

Why Cities need a Digital Conscience


20 mph residential area speed limit warning

20 mph residential area speed limit warning (Photo credit: freefotouk)

There’s a 20 MPH zone outside my house, it arrived over the last few weeks in dribs and drabs. I’d seen the Planning Notices a few months ago, but of course hadn’t bothered to question or challenge the intentions. And I’ve not heard anyone in my street jumping up and down demanding a slow down to the traffic and since its arrival I’ve not heard anyone extoling its benefits either.

All that set me wondering: why is it there? How was it planned? Where’s the value for money? Continue reading

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