Police Manifestos

The Police and Crime Commissioner manifestos: Weren’t they all a bit PC (no pun intended)? Nowhere did I hear anyone saying that they would take the speed cameras off the road, and stop persecuting motorists. Nobody wanted to look for swingeing cuts to make savings to do something better elsewhere Nobody said they liked what they say,…


Poor performance by Plaid

What is it about organisations or institutions nowadays that makes them think they have to “Do Something” whenever there is a problem? I refer, in this instance, to Plaid Cymru’s suspension of Bethan Jenkins AM. Bethan appears to have committed an offence by driving under the influence of alcohol. and nobody can condone that. But the last…


Nice one Blues

It was a good result tonight for the Blues against the Dragons, despite the fact that the overall quality and entertainment value of the match was low. Great too to see Jamie Roberts back in action, the half hour he played will aid the healing process just as much as all the physio has in…