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When Change happens, don’t regress

In recent months we have all seen the heroic efforts of the NHS and marvelled at the way they have dealt with the challenge of Covid-19.

But behind the scenes, there has been a number of other changes that may have gone unnoticed unless they, of course, they touched you personally. And I was impressed to see how a treatment pathway that I was on changed as a result of Covid.

To explain: I suffer from sleep apnoea and am undergoing a programme of investigation that had reached a stage requiring me to use a machine to help me breathe at night. On the outbreak of Covid, most if not all the machines were re-prioritised to support those requiring assistance in dealing with Covid. The machine I was hoping to get was now no longer available. But I didn’t mind – there were far more pressing patients to be dealt with

And with no expectations of any progress, I was surprised one morning to receive a phone call from the clinic asking me if I’d like to join a trial of a new way of being treated. In a flash “Of course” was my answer. And so I was invited to an appointment in the car park of the hospital to allow social distancing,, where I would be issued with my machine that would let me resume my treatment

No problem! But how would follow-ups take place I wondered? The answer, of course, was: Remotely. and to facilitate that the machines had been adapted so that they could connect to a mobile phone which would then upload my results on a daily basis to the NHS. Bluetooth + Wi-FI = Result.

A few weeks in I had a call from the clinic to discuss progress and we proved that the reporting system worked when the nurse logged into my sleep data and we could discuss what was happening – and of course, I could see it on my phone at the same time.

As the discussion came to an end I asked the nurse how big a change this had been for her and her team. She was so positive and was really excited at the progress they had made, the changes they had made and the results they were achieving. And all so quickly. It was genuinely encouraging.

And then it broke: I received a letter! A letter sent to someone who was daily and automatically communicating with the NHS by mobile phone. They know my number, they know we connect, but this part of the process had not been put under the microscope for change.

It is so sad to see that where there has been great progress (that genuinely excited those involved) it was all too easy to slip back to the old ways.  I think there’s a lesson for leaders here to ensure that we do not let change regress to the familiar way of working.

Trooping the Colour

I send my very best wishes to The 1st Battalion the Welsh Guards, Trooping the Colour in celebration of the Queen’s Birthday. An honour for all Guardsmen on parade.

As I look out of my window … #1

As I look out of my window, what can I see? Famous words but now more poignant than ever. This morning I’m sitting in my dining room – a room normally only used on high days and holidays – but now setup for WFH!.

Like many thousands of others, I am now consigned to days at home as the Covid 19 virus attacks our country. But I can’t place all the blame on Covid 19, I would have been here anyway as I have decided to change direction once again in my working life and sitting in the window is part of what I now do in my working day.

A National Digital Living Laboratory for Wales

Imagine being able to look at some of the problems your business is trying to find solutions for in a way that lets you test your ideas thoroughly before going to market.

Imagine doing that whilst also working closely with some potential customers in an environment that allows you to work together to develop and test solutions. 

Imagine being able to develop and model test scenarios to refine your ideas and then readily see the impact of your changes.

Imagine being able to de-risk your development and get to market faster. 

A National Digital Living Laboratory for Wales would let you do all that in a real-life test and experimentation environment where real-world problem owners (authorities, agencies etc) and potential problem solvers (businesses, academics etc) can work together to create innovative solutions to their problems.

Our facilities at the National Living Laboratory have been developed to replicate the highly successful models used by the Defence Sector where collaboration and co-creation have proved to be so successful. 

How it Works

A Living Lab employs four main activities:

  • Co-Creation: get problem owners and solution producers to work together to share knowledge in order to create and develop new ideas or solutions
  • Exploration: engage all stakeholders, especially user communities, at the earlier stage of the co-creation process for discovering emerging scenarios, usages and behaviours through live scenarios in real or virtual environments (e.g. virtual realityaugmented realitymixed reality).
  • Experimentation: implement the proper level of technological artefacts to experience live scenarios with a large number of users while collecting data which will be analysed in their context during the evaluation activity
  • Evaluation: assess new ideas and innovative concepts as well as related technological artefacts in real life situations through various dimensions such as socio-ergonomic, socio-cognitive and socio-economic aspects; make observations on the potentiality of a viral adoption of new concepts and related technological artefacts through a confrontation with users’ value models


The Living Lab approach to problem solving allows for:

  • Collaborative problem definition
  • Collaborative solution testing
  • Modelling of solution options
  • De-risked solution delivery
  • Systematic germination of solutions, in low-cost environments

De-risking of ideas can take place within the synthetic environment, whilst using as close to real-time, real-world data sets from a wide range of official sources throughout Wales as possible.

Additional Support

You might need some support in this new way of working and The Living Laboratory:

  • Has access to a wide range of expertise that will all assist in the development of the commercialisation of solutions
  • Provides guidance to help you generate clear definition of challenges  
  • Supports the shaping of the co-creation process to generate successful outcomes.
  • Provides process mentoring to develop investor ready proposals based on the concept of “Business Readiness Levels” that ensures ideas are sturdy and worthy of investment.
  • Has access to fast track funding programmes to support innovation and the delivery of new ideas within Wales.
  • Can introduce you to influencers and decision makers, possibly even to new markets also.
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