Tweets today on2009-02-27

will not be gng to Trydan in Cardiff, damn. Biig Ben has to come first this morning # Ben is having blood tests at the Vet. Results in an hour. # at the Vet with Ben #

Tweets today on2009-02-25

sad news about David Cameron’s son – puts my challenges for today into perspective. # end of bad day: google mail fail, no pancakes, sky b’band is pants, BT not fixed line. still no pancakes, now bed time.g’nite! # St...

Tweets today on2009-02-24

has woken with a headache – and it’s not a hangover either. Bad start to the day # RT @Junction31: Overview video added to Junction 31 website – – I hope it’s ok! It BEtter be! # cleansing my palette for pancakes...

Tweets today on2009-02-23

Massive inaction today – tomorrow will be the start of massive action week. Early night first though #

Tweets today on2009-02-22

I’m feeling pretty chuffed at the state of It looks good, lots of functionality and even my sons like it! # integrated word press into joomla site at Now just people to write and read about Wales and being Welsh....