Hip hip hooray!

It’s great news: there is very little evidence of Chromium or Cobalt in my blood, which means that my first hip replacement is behaving well, unlike 49,000 others in the UK. And to add to the euphoria on that news, the University of Bristol has published a report that the incidence of Cancer is not…


The Mad Mad road

This is Bridge Street, Lampeter, showing some road improvements. No doubt this costly work was done to improve the roads pavements and did not a lot to provide better management of parking. For some reason it appears necessary to plan wooden bollards on the pavement and also in the middle of a bespoke parking space….


If you’re planning great Customer Service you better read this.

Here’s an entertaining email I received from an online betting company this week: (as usual I won’t name them and have tried to hide their name where possible). My thoughts are in Red, my comment is at the end. Important Account Information This has been sent to all customers as it contains important account information….