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A stitch in time or a customer for life?

Crisis this morning! Preparing for a Black Tie dinner engagement, couldn’t find my suit….. wife got the blame for hiding it until she found it.

Tried my shirt on – it had “shrunk” again, and the top button came off.

My sewing skills are pretty non existent: so as my wife had already left for work it was off to the dry cleaner and the lady who does alterations.

15 minutes (and a cup of coffee next door) and all is well.

Cost:  Nothing! It was absolutely free. Even when I said “you’ve got to charge something!” she refused.

How many life time customers has that lady now got as a result of the way she deals with little bits of work?  I suspect a good number.

I still need to diet or try the venus factor system, though.

Can Michael O’Leary really be that nasty?

When Michael O’Leary the Chief Executuive of Ryanair said that only “slumdwellers” were at risk of contracting swine flu, you have to wonder about his sanity. But in truth his message probably wasn’t a statement about medical matters, it was more another headline grabbing act for which he is so famous.

And of course when he gets written about it is always with reference to Ryanair. His cheap comments create valuable marketing for his cheap airline. The ability to turn any situation to one’s own marketing advantage is a skill that many of us could learn from.

He’s also totally focused on his business and the need to drive down costs; treats customers poorly and makes it clear that he runs the ultimate no frills airline. The message is clear: if you don’t like it go elsewhere.

The results speak for themselves: Ryanair continues to thrive, O’Leary continues to amass personal wealth and he has probably been the single biggest lever in changing the airline travel industry. You might not like his comments but you’ve got to admire his focus and results.

How she won my Loyalty

I needed to talk to a Solicitor this morning, nothing huge, just a bit of legal jargon that needed to be explained to me. But I didn’t know who to ask. It was a bit specialist so the guy who helped me buy my house would have been no use, and I truly didn’t know where to go.

So I used my Twitter network and within 3 minutes had a recommendation for someone who was “really nice and speaks plain English”. A phone call to the solicitor was followed by sending her a copy of the text that had confused me, for her to review.

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20 minutes later she called me back and explained it all, in detail and in really plain English. And when I thanked her and asked her: “how much?” she said it was all too difficult to work it out, the analysis had been easy, setting up a new account would be a pain and, well, could I think of her at some time in the future instead?

Think of her in the future!

Of course I will. As far as I’m concerned there is now only one person in the world who deals with that area of the law, and she’s my favourite lawyer, EVER!

Did you see her?

On Britain’s got Talent…. did you see her? You know: the one the crowd took an instant dislike to and the judges had rejected almost as soon as she walked on the stage.
OK, she wasn’t the greatest `Looker`, her dress was pretty frumpy and she was probably pigeonholed by most people there as a farmer’s wife. Susan Boyle
And in this age of skin deep beauty, of high-gloss celebrity: she was almost on the scrap heap before she started.
ALMOST – because once she opened her mouth to sing, she blew them away!
She was marvellous, a true talent, hidden behind a badly fitting image. A glorious voice, with range, power, feeling and an absolute joy to listen to.
And fair play to the judges – they admitted not only the talent, but their embarrassment at having written her off before she’d started. And no doubt there were many in the audience who were equally embarrassed at having made a decision with little evidence of any value.
A lesson to us all. And I really hope she wins, ‘cos she was bloody marvellous.

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