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Wake up and smell the coffee

I’m waiting in a coffee shop whilst my car gets its MOT done. By “waiting” I really mean “having breakfast” and coffee. It’s a nice, clean, recently opened little place with a reasonable breakfast too

But it doesn’t have many customers, 3 in fact in the hour I’ve been here and I think I know why. The service is lousy.

I finished my food over an hour ago and have been web surfing since then. The dirty dishes are still on the table and no attempt has been made to offer me another cup of coffee. An easy upsell is just about to walk out of the door, thirsty.

Simple things make happy customers, but I guess I won’t be back next year, even if the place survives that long.

Horses or Tanks – who wins?

Image result for challenger tanks + horsesCavalry charges: that’s how it used to be in the good old days! But then came the Tank: dirty, ugly, noisy and of course terribly effective in battle. So the horses moved from the battlefield to other parts of the Army.

So it must be a bit of a surprise to find that the British Army still has more Horses than Tanks even today.

According to a response to a Freedom of Information request the Army currently has 485 horses, compared to 227 Challenger Main Battle Tanks.

Progress, but at what price?


How much can you learn in 100 hours?

English: Logo of the Massachusetts Institute o...

Logo of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Last week I went on a business trip to Boston, to Massachusetts Institute of Technology in fact on what was my first real visit the the USA. I was away from home for a total of 100 hours, yet the impact the trip had on me and the lessons I learnt, made it feel far more valuable than any 100 hours I can remember. Continue reading

Where’s my “Show Desktop” icon gone to?

When I used Windows XP I had a nice little icon on my toolbar to take me back to the Desktop, now having moved to Windows 7 I couldn’t find a similar icon and for the last few months have been “living” without it. You know: just making do, accepting the price of progress is that some things just fall by the way side.

And then tonight something odd happened, I’d be using 2 screens when I unplugged the laptop and some of my open windows were left invisible as they were on the disconnected screen. There was a hint of them on the edge of my “live” screen so I tried to drag them in. I did this by clicking on the right hand side of my taskbar and amazingly my desktop appeared.

Apparently the “Show desktop” in Windows 7 is enabled by clicking on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It’s been there all the time, just nobody had told me.

I wonder where all the other things I can’t find are?

Take charge in a crisis

Someone told me a great, yet also sad, story recently that is a valuable analogy for business. It concerns a crashing aircraft and how the problem was managed at the time.

The story, as I remember it goes like this: a transatlantic flight crashed on its way across the ocean, and all souls were lost. The flight recorder took a long time to recover, but when it was found and analysed it showed the following.

Continue reading

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