3 reasons to not accept the proposals on Paternity leave

The Coalition Government’s proposals for increases to maternity and paternity leave should be resisted. Whilst they are honourable in principle and maybe useful in terms of bonding and developmetn, they are not acceptable for the following reasons: It is immoral to place a cost burden on business owners. This extra leave from work is not…


If you’re planning great Customer Service you better read this.

Here’s an entertaining email I received from an online betting company this week: (as usual I won’t name them and have tried to hide their name where possible). My thoughts are in Red, my comment is at the end. Important Account Information This has been sent to all customers as it contains important account information….


The Sadness of S4C

It has to be sad when any organisation suffers an upheaval that results in the loss of its Chief Executive,  but recent months and years at S4C have not shown real success so change was probably inevitable. Sure: the digital age has increased competition, but the Authority seem to be ignoring the fact there are…