Author: alan davies

Y Ffon Cymraeg

I’m delighted to be helping CSG Telecom launch their new telephone system with Welsh language support. It’s happening on Monday at the WMC in Cardiff. Why would they do that? As legislation in regards to the use of the Welsh language is under way, this is a great piece of timing by CSG what are…

Nice bit of marketing

The Welsh rugby team were beaten well last night, but there was a great piece of marketing by their main sponsors, Brains and Co, brewers in Cardiff which has to go down as a victory. For those not aware of advertising regulation in France: it is unacceptable for a sport to be supported by booze….


Martyn Williams

Not only is Martyn Williams a great flanker, possibly the best No 7 in the world at the moment, but he is also a really nice guy. I had the pleasure to meet him recently at a small reception in Cardiff and was really impressed with his sense of fun as much as his brilliant…

Tweets today on2009-02-25

sad news about David Cameron’s son – puts my challenges for today into perspective. # end of bad day: google mail fail, no pancakes, sky b’band is pants, BT not fixed line. still no pancakes, now bed time.g’nite! # St David’s day next week – inviting the World’s Welsh to join there. Nice…