4 things I’d change if elected

Our political system is in a bit of a state to say the least, but we can only hope that it will be the catalyst that creates some great and important change. If I had my way I’d really like to see the following:

Get clarity on the role. Newly elected individuals will need to know what is expected of them so clarity of role is essential to measure performance. We could do worse that create a Job Description for starters.

Create a new working paradigm.  Let’s get rid of the old way and adopt a new way that encourages, if not demands, cooperation and moves away from adversarial approach that has dominated our poor system to date. It would be so refreshing, if not invigorating, to see “opposing” members complimenting each other on ideas and vision and then working together for the greater good.

Stop living in the past.  If one thing really saddens me it is the ease with which non-thinking, non-visionary politicians use something like Thatcher or Scargill as an ongoing point of reference. Baggage has to be cast aside for progress to be made.

Adopt the modern ways.  In this world of social media where individuals have greater voices than ever before it is vital that elected representatives realise the power of the people and that they are elected to represent them, not their party. They need to use all the tools possible to ensure that they represent all the views of their electorate, not the views of their party.

These all might look like small items when compared to some of the grand plans being suggested such as  reform of the House of Lords and the length of parliamentary terms, but from conversations I’ve had with friends and colleagues it appears that people are now interested in these simple things that define what their representative will do and how he/she will do it. After all, they are there to represent people, not themselves or their party or the “system”.

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