We don’t need Nanny State Weather reports

Poor Driving Conditions confirmed by the Nanny StateLast Saturday I was driving on the M4 in south Wales, the weather was awful, quite possibly the heaviest rain I’ve ever had to drive in. And to help me was the absolutely ridiculous notices on the electronic signs that warned me of “Poor Driving Conditions”.

I already knew that! I’m not stupid, I can see what’s in my field of vision. It was a statement of the bleeding obvious, and demonstrated the low level of wisdom provided by a Nanny State. 

Far better would have been some notices offering useful advice:

  • Use you lights
  • Keep your distance
  • Avoid causing spray
  • Leave more space before pulling in
  • Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre
  • Don’t drive like a Twat!

If we have to have these expensive signs, please let’s use them more usefully that they were last Saturday at least.

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