We don’t need Nanny State Weather reports

Poor Driving Conditions confirmed by the Nanny StateLast Saturday I was driving on the M4 in south Wales, the weather was awful, quite possibly the heaviest rain I’ve ever had to drive in. And to help me was the¬†absolutely¬†ridiculous notices on the electronic signs that warned me of “Poor Driving Conditions”.

I already knew that! I’m not stupid, I can see what’s in my field of vision. It was a statement of the bleeding obvious, and demonstrated the low level of wisdom provided by a Nanny State.¬†

Far better would have been some notices offering useful advice:

  • Use you lights
  • Keep your distance
  • Avoid causing spray
  • Leave more space before pulling in
  • Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre
  • Don’t drive like a Twat!

If we have to have these expensive signs, please let’s use them more usefully that they were last Saturday at least.

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